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The Meanings of the Ace of Wands: Cosmic Intention

The Ace of Wands or Cosmic Intention Tarot card (minor arcana)

Welcome to the Enlightenment Tarot series on the psychological meanings of Tarot cards! In this post, we’ll explore the meaning of the Ace of Wands, which carries the psychological title of Cosmic Intention. The Aces of Wands invites us to listen to cosmic intention and what it has in store for us.

The Five Core Meanings of the Ace of Wands

The Ace of Wands represents intention on the spiritual level, in other words cosmic intention. In the card, the hand of the universe is holding a single wand aflame with fire, whereby the fire symbolizes intention (see below). The cloud is the cloud upon the sanctuary, the inner sanctuary of the universe.

We cannot use cosmic intention destructively and hence there is no adverse experience related to the Ace of Wands. The positive use of cosmic intention is initiative and the favorable experience is immersion.

The Enlightenment Tarot title: Cosmic Intention

Positive use: Initiative

Negative use: None

Favorable experience: Immersion, new beginnings, and the involvement in new experiences

Adverse experience: None


The Ace of Wands indicates that the universe want to engage you. Brace yourself for an inspiration and a leap of faith. The universe is preparing an adventure for you.

Reflective Questions

If the Ace of Wands appears in your spread, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What may the universe want from me?
  • What purpose do I have to fulfill in this incarnation?
  • Am I ready for a leap of faith and go on an adventure?
  • Do I want to be a part of something bigger and meaningful?

The Psychological Framework of the Enlightenment Tarot and the Five Core Meanings of Tarot Cards

Every Tarot card represents a faculty of consciousness. We can use a faculty of consciousness constructively and destructively. This produces favorable and adverse experiences.

We can express faculties of consciousness on four levels:

  • The spiritual level
  • The creative-feely level
  • The intellectual level
  • The bodily level
  • (wands/fire/intention), (cups/water/imagination), (swords/air/intelligence), and (pentacles/earth/bodily action).

These four levels are signified by the four implements on the magician’s table:

  • The wand (spiritual)
  • The cup (creative-feely)
  • The sword (intellectual)
  • The pentagram (bodily)
The Magician or Attention Tarot card

These correspond to the four so-called elements: fire, water, air, and earth.

For this reason, the wands are made of fire, the cups are made of water, and the pents are made of earth. Unfortunately, it is not possible to illustrate something made of air, since it would be invisible. For that reason, all swords are made of crystal and transparent.

The Enlightenment Tarot derives its meaning from the Tree of Life and the four levels of human expression. This is an objective, holistic framework that reveals the psychological imports of Tarot cards. Read more about this framework here.

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