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Modern authors do so much more than authoring books, Tarot decks, and courses. They also maintain blogs, produce videos, hold speeches, and discuss relevant subjects on social media. They offer a holistic service that revolves around the value they labor to produce for their audience. 

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In Stefan’s case, the value is enlightenment, the evolution of consciousness.In his early twenties, Stefan backpacked through Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia. At that time, he discovered enlightenment. After thirty years of studying the subject, he created an enlightenment blog, the Inspiration and Enlightenment Workshop, which ranks among the top 100 enlightenment websites worldwide.

Later in life, Stefan became a certified positive psychology coach. With over forty years dedicated to studying Tarot and the Tree of Life, Stefan has become an authority in psychological-enlightenment Tarot applications. His innovative Tarot deck, The Enlightenment Tarot, is based on an objective and holistic framework he derived from the Tree of Life. 

The Enlightenment Tarot is a Tarot deck with authentic Tarot symbolism, yet immersive illustrations. It’s is designed for psychological Tarot readings. For that purpose, all Tarot cards have psychological titles, even the minor arcana. The court cards sport psychological profiles.

If you want to know how Stefan came to design the Enlightenment Tarot read this post.

Stefan is not a professional Tarot reader. He performs Tarot readings only on a case by case basis and that for free. He did a reading for Kim Coppola, who was diagnosed with Chromic Lymphocytic Leukemia. This reading turned into the longest recorder Tarot reading ever.  You can watch it here on Youtube.


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  • Tarot and the Tree of Life
  • The psychological framework of the Enlightenment Tarot
  • The meanings of the minor arcana, major arcana, and the court cards
  • How to perform psychological Tarot readings
  • Practice and interactive sessions

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