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The Enlightenment Tarot Deck

The Enlightenment Tarot deck

– A new Tarot deck for psychological readings and self-discovery with authentic symbolism yet immersive illustrations –

Delve into the psychological mysteries of the Tarot with the Enlightenment Tarot deck — a contemporary Tarot deck with authentic Tarot symbolism yet immersive illustrations designed for psychological Tarot readings. Trace your querent’s challenges back to her weaknesses or inner demons – shadow work made easy.

The Enlightenment Tarot deck is based on an objective and holistic, psychological framework: the Tree of Life. All minor and major cards feature psychological titles. For example, the Magician has the title Attention, and the Six of Cups has the title Decision. The court cards exhibit psychological profiles. For instance, the Queen of Wands stands for a ‘willful woman: generous or stubborn, resolute or revengeful, intense or tyrannical, magnetic or dangerous’.

We’re setting up shop at Etsy and Amazon. At the moment the Enlightenment Tarot deck is only available for purchase here by PayPal invoicing. Please use the contact form to the right to inquire.

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    The List Price is $30 and This is What You Will Get:

    ✔ The 78-card (70×120) Tarot deck with psychological titles (English)
    ✔ A sturdy scratch-proof box made to last
    ✔ A 108-pages eGuidebook, which details the five core meanings of every Tarot card, lists the psychological profiling of the court cards, and shows how to perform psychological Tarot readings. We will make the eGuidebook available in multiple languages. Inquire for the availability of your language.
    ✔ A picture of the Tree of Life and the position of the Tarot cards
    ✔ A picture of four Trees of Life according to the four levels of human express: spiritual (wands), creative-feely (cups), intellectual (swords), and bodily (pents)
    ✔ A card with the edition certificate
    ✔ A card with the QR code to download the eGuidebook
    ✔ A little present


    ✔ Size 70 x 120 mm
    ✔ High-quality 4-color printed on a Heidelberg Speedmaster
    ✔ High-quality 330 gsm premium cardboard to ensure durability
    ✔ An anti-scratch, matte lamination (casino quality)
    ✔ High quality premium, scratch-proof cardboard box
    ✔ Both the deck and the box are made in Germany

    Use this form to inquire:

      Your Name (required) Your Family Name Your Email (required) Country of Residence (required) How Many Decks Do You Want? (required) Your Message

      Optimized For Psychological Tarot Readings

      The Enlightenment Tarot comes with a complimentary eGuidebook, which lists the five-fold core meanings of each Tarot card, introduces the psychological framework of the Tree of Life and demonstrates how to conduct psychological Tarot readings. This will allow you to trace back your own or your querent’s adversity to her weaknesses and inner demons. As you can see, the Enlightenment Tarot is a great for shadow work, which can kick off transformative journeys of self-discovery.

      The Enlightenment Tarot is based on the Tree of Life, which is a complex glyph of the human self. Taking the four levels of human expression into consideration — spiritual (wands), creative-feely (cups), intellectual (swords), and bodily (pents) — we arrive at an objective and holistic psychological framework.

      The original scope of Tarot and the Tree of Life is enlightenment, the evolution of consciousness. Hence, the psychological framework of the Tree of Life goes beyond the scope of today’s psychology and encompasses higher aspects of the human self, like the higher self, the soul, and its transmigration. Although the application of the Enlightenment Tarot is mostly psychological, the title of the deck honors the original purpose of Tarot.

      Great For Beginners and Querent Participation in the Reading

      The psychological titles of the Tarot cards make it easy for beginners to grasp the meanings of the Tarot cards. This is also true for querents. A Tarot reader doesn’t need to explain anymore what the major or minor arcana stand for. For instance, the Enlightenment Tarot title of the Ace of Swords is Venture. A Tarot reader would have to explain the meaning of Two of Wands to querents, but doesn’t need to do that for venture and can delve right into the interpretation of the spread.

      Unlock the secrets of the human self with the Enlightenment Tarot. Get your deck now and embark on a journey of self-discovery, shadow work, and enlightenment.

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