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The Story of How I Came to Design the Enlightenment Tarot and Focus on Psychological Tarot Readings

Stefan Emunds Profile PictureI have worked with Tarot and the Tree of Life for more than 40 years. I'm not a Tarot reader. I have used Tarot as an enlightenment tool, meaning I used it mostly for meditation and as a device to summon intuition.

The original and foremost purpose of Tarot is the facilitation of communication with other levels of consciousness. There are three levels of consciousness: superconsciousness, self-consciousness – that's our consciousness – and subconsciousness. Superconsciousness and subconsciousness don’t speak English or German or Spanish. They speak the language of consciousness, which is pictorial and symbolic. Subconsciousness speaks to us through dreams and superconsciousness speaks to us through visions or inspirations. Whenever it gets pictorial and symbolic, we are communicating through the language of consciousness.

Traditional Tarot decks with authentic Tarot symbolism speak the language of consciousness and that's why they can facilitate the communication with the higher self, subconsciousness, and other sentient beings. If it comes to meditation or Tarot reading, traditional Tarot decks are the most effective. But there is an issue with the graphic quality of traditional Tarot decks. Read more...


Psychological Meanings of Tarot Cards