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The Enlightenment Tarot Guidebook

Tarot Guidebook Cover 3D

The Enlightenment Tarot guidebook is the complementary guidebook that comes with the Enlightenment Tarot deck. In other words, if you buy the Enlightenment Tarot deck, you’ll get the guidebook for free.

The Enlightenment Tarot guidebook dives into the nitty gritty of psychological Tarot readings and described the psychological framework of the Enlightenment Tarot that is based on the Tree of Life.

From this framework, we derived the titles and five-fold meanings of the Tarot cards, and overview of which you can find in this guide.

The guidebook also has a chapter about the higher self, the patron of Tarot readings, how to prepare psychological Tarot readings, and how to perform psychological Tarot readings.

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