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A Book on Psychological Tarot Readings: Tarot of Life

The Tarot of Life book cover

The Tarot of Life is the flagship of the Enlightenment Tarot series – a groundbreaking book on psychological Tarot readings. 

The Tarot of Life explains in depth the psychological framework of the Enlightenment Tarot, which is based on the Tree of Life and the four levels of human expression. This is a logical and transparent framework that allows you to perform psychological Tarot readings without learning hundreds of arbitrary meanings. 

It also contains detailed, psychological analyses of every Tarot card and its five-fold core meanings.

The estimated publishing date is Q2 2024.

The Enlightenment Tarot Guidebook is a short version of the Tarot of Life and already available. The guidebook is free for all who bought a deck or subscribed to the Enlightenment Tarot. You can check it out here.

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